So much more than just cases, total customisation of your cases to protect your expensive equipment.

Imagine a case that could house all your tricky angled equipment with total protection – then extend the case flexibility with a custom lid pallet for sale brochures, electrical leads, cables and manuals. Add some trays inside so you can multi layer your gear into one case to save space and shipping weight.

Welcome to our world! A world of excitement and a passion with creating a design that our clients will be happy to work with every day! A design that will be safe and secure and one that will make your job easier. A total project!

If you have a product or series of products to go into the case then we suggest you contact us before ordering to discuss your requirements with us.

Put simply, diced foam isn’t always the most effective option for protecting your gear. There are foams and there are foams. Soft ones, hard ones, open cells, closed cell – all types have a particular use depending upon the equipment being housed or the environment in which it finds itself.

You don’t need to be in the same city, with our experience we can work out designs on the phone, we have video conferencing facilities, we don’t normally require to see the items unless they are so unusual that “hands-on” is the only possible way.

We work with you to combine your ideas with our experience in designing a solution and making sure that you are happy with the way it works.

You end up with the solution you need to protect your gear!

Call us on 07-3245 2699, chat with us about what you think you need, let’s advise you and come up with a solution. You’ll be amazed how really easy it is to get some professional protection! You can also email us by filling out the enquiry form on this page.

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