Soft Bags

We have been making soft-bags, pouches and satchels for over 25 years!

Soft-bags allow huge scope with design elements. They can be made as simple as a square or rectangular bag or as complicated as you need with lids, pockets, shelves, stiffening and corporate branding. We can also include wheels and pull up handles that give you the benefit of rolling luggage for display systems and sales aids.

Whilst we have a standard range of bags and satchels we specialise in customised bags for each client and maintain a database of designs and colours to take the guesswork out of supply when more are ordered.
In the past, canvas and nylons were the main fabric of choice but, with technological changes over the years, rip-stop PVC’s are now the preferred fabric chosen for longevity.

Since the early 1990’s we have developed a range of medical bags marketed under the Medikit range. These soft kits have been used to outfit many ambulances, hospital emergency departments and wards, fire and rescue, and defence units.

Most of the medical soft packs are designed around a modular system be they for a specific task or for storage. This design approach allows professionals to design a kit exactly how they want them to be.

In recent years our range of resuscitation kits have become very popular with Surf Lifesaving and private Paramedic organisations.

All our bags and packs are made right here in Brisbane Australia. We don’t get anything made overseas! We manufacture many packs and kits for medical companies around the country to sell under their own trademarks, using their own or our designs.

From one bag to many our design department and factory in Brisbane is set up for production runs to suit your needs.

Phone us on 07-3245-2699 or fill out the enquiry form on this page to run your thoughts and ideas past us. We look forward to working with your next project.

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