External Dimensions (L x W x D): 1178 x 725 x 287mm
Lid / Base Height: 60 + 200mm

Colours: black, orange, green

Options: empty, with pluck-able foam, full customisation service available

10826 Explorer Case Features:

  • PVC Waterproof I.D Removable Label
  • Sealing O-Ring
  • Stainless steel Reinforced Pad lockable Points – 4 stainless steel clip-covers on the two frontal outer padlock points, to grant a better resistance to abrasion.
  • 2 Man Lift Side Handles
  • 4 Self-oiling free running running wheels
  • 8 Heavy Duty Metal Latches – 4 on each longer side, grant a more reliable retaining during rough handling.
  • Internal Slots – internal slots for optional panel mounting brackets or panel mounting rings
  • Jam Free Latches with easy-opening Mechanism
  • Manual Pressure Release Valve – internal stop ring prevents valve from being completely extract
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Internal Dimensions:
Length – 1080cm
Width – 620cm
Depth – 260cm
Lid – 60cm
Base – 200cm

External Dimensions:
Length – 1178cm
Width – 725cm
Depth – 287cm

Weight Empty (No Foam): 17.00 Kg
Weight Full (With Foam): 20.40 Kg

174 Lt

Buoyancy: 120.60 Kg/max

2002/95/EC Conformity with the Directive 2002/95/EC
DEF STAN 81-41 (level J)
IP67 Dustproof – Waterproof
STANAG 4280 (edition 2)